Birth of AMA


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The project’s idea

We are Anna and Luisa, businesswomen always on the go. The idea came from our desire for a bag that could contain everything we need and, at the same time, that could be perfect to the last detail: design, material, quality of the stitching, etc.
A bag that tells a story of people and not of production process, of hands and not of machines, of whispered words and not of noise.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


Our Story

The designer

Alberto, a friend who deals with fashion since many years, and who since many years was looking for a project that would finally bond his dreams, talent and expertise.
With Ama bags he accepted the challenge and started to work immediately.

The search for the workshop

Francesco and his workshop prove to be the best choice. Francesco has great experience and from the very beginning has been able to get in tune with the soul of our project.

The Chinese project

Exporting to China was one of our first commercial ideas.
Why not counter pose the added value of our products to a local average low quality? The buyers were, what was missing was a unique product, because the desire of those who buy is proportional powerful to their being different and better. In one word: Beautiful.
The results gave us the enthusiasm that now brings us to present our bags in Europe and Italy, with designs, shapes and colors specifically conceived for this public.

Our added values



We guarantee the maximum attention to the details and the best materials for the crafting of bags made to last.



Sports and practical bags that turn from shoulder strap to backpack, and contain everything you need even in the tactical pockets.



Suitable for all circumstances, also for official occasions, not only the informal ones.



Hot and intense colors for bags that stand out. Albert converts from backpack to shoulder strap, for a sporty or classic use.


Please contact us for collaborations on new projects

Ama is willing to develop new partnerships for new projects:
e.g. co-branding, custom productions, contract manufacturing…